Kino's Journey

The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.

Kino is a traveler on a journey without end, who adheres to one rule: spend no more than three days in any given country. Kino and Hermes the talking motorrad encounter people and countries of every sort on their travels. From the lovable to the tragic, from the admirable to the despicable, from the laughable to the atrocious. Other characters include Shizu and his dog Riku, in search of a land to finally call home, and a formidable woman known only as ‘Master’ who seems to have little interest in anything but her own profit and gain.

The series is currently ongoing, with one volume being released per year. As Kino's Journey is episodic in nature, translation will be sporadic, focusing on whatever chapter(or rarely, volume) catches my interest, or chapters that are pertinent to the spin-off series Gakuen Kino. The Kino's Journey re-translation project will go through the entire series from Volume II onwards, and will update every other Wednesday barring exceptional circumstances. Older translations will remain online until I reach and update them.

Volume I
(Will not be translated.)

Volume II
Frontispiece: The Story of a Sniper -Fatalism-
Prologue: In the Middle of the Desert・B -Beginner’s Luck・B-
Chapter 1: A Story of Feeding off of Others -I Want to Live-
Chapter 2: Overprotection -Do You Need It?-
Chapter 3: The Country with a Wizard -Potentials of Magic-
Chapter 4: Country of Free Press -Believers-
Chapter 5: The Story Behind the Paintings -Happiness-
Chapter 6: Homecoming -'She' is Waiting for You-
Chapter 7: The Country of Books -Nothing is Written!-
Chapter 8: The Kind Country -Tomorrow Never Comes-
Epilogue: In the Middle of the Desert・A -Beginner’s Luck・A-
Bonus Chapter: The Story Behind the Paintings -Anonymous Pictures-

Volume III
Frontispiece: The Country of Love and Peace -Power Play-
Prologue: In the Clouds・B -Blinder・B-
Chapter 1: A Country Without Walls -Designated Area-
Chapter 2: Persuasiveness -Persuader-
Chapter 3: The Country of Identical Faces -HACCP-
Chapter 4: The Story of a Mechanical Doll -One way Mission-
Chapter 5: The Country that Forbids Discrimination -True Blue Sky-
Chapter 6: The Finished Story -Ten Years After-
Epilogue: In the Clouds・A -Blinder・A-

Volume IV
Prologue: Amidst a Sea of Red・B -Blooming Prairie・B-
Chapter 1: The Country With a Sculpture -Angel?-
Chapter 2: ——— -Solo-
Chapter 3: The Country of Couples -Even a Dog Doesn't Eat-
Chapter 4: Tradition -Tricksters-
Chapter 5: The Country Where Work is Unnecessary -Workable-
Chapter 6: The Divided Country -A World Divided-
Chapter 7: Grapes -On Duty-
Chapter 8: The Country of Acknowledgement -A Vote-
Chapter 9: The Story of the Pillagers -Bloodsuckers-
Chapter 10: The Bridge Country -Their Line-
Chapter 11: The Tower Country -Free Lance-
Epilogue: Amidst a Sea of Red・A -Blooming Prairie・A-

Volume V
Prologue: At Dusk・B -Will・B-
Chapter 1: Memories of that Day -Blue Rose-
Chapter 2: The Country Where Murder is not Illegal -Jungle's Rule-
Chapter 3: The Story of a Store -For Sale-
Chapter 4: The Heroes' Country -No Hero-
Chapter 5: The Heroes' Country -Seven Heroes-
Chapter 6: The Relaxed Country -Jog Trot-
Chapter 7: The Country with a Prophecy -We NO the Future-
Chapter 8: Bodyguards -Stand-bys-
Chapter 9: The Story of the Salt Fields -Family Business-
Chapter 10: The Country with an Illness -For You-
Epilogue: At Dusk・A -Will・A-

Volume VI
Frontispiece: The Countries that Bar Entry -Reasonable-
Frontispiece: The Neutral Stories -All Alone-
Frontispiece: The Story of a Tank -Life Goes On-
Prologue: A Vow・B -A Kitchen Knife・B-
Chapter 1: Her Journey -Chances-
Chapter 2: Her Journey -Love and Bullets-
Chapter 3: The Country of Fireworks -Fire at Will!-
Chapter 4: The Country with an Elder -I Need You-
Chapter 5: The Country that Never Forgets -Not Again-
Chapter 6: The Safe Country -For His Safety-
Chapter 7: During the Journey -Intermission-
Chapter 8: A Blessing -How Much Do I Pay For?-
Epilogue: A Vow・A -A Kitchen Knife・A-

Volume VII
Prologue: To Do Something・B -Life goes on・B-
Chapter 1: The Country that Causes Trouble -Leave Only Footsteps!-
Chapter 2: Love in a Certain Country -Stray King-
Chapter 3: At the Riverside -Intermission-
Chapter 4: The Wintertime Story -D-
Chapter 5: The Story of a Tea Party in the Woods -Thank You-
Chapter 6: The Country of Liars -Waiting For You-
Epilogue: To Do Something・A -Life goes on・A-

Volume VIII
Frontispiece: The Country of Roads -Go West!-
Frontispiece: The Country Where Crime is Impossible -Black Box-
Prologue: The Beginning and End of a Journey on the Beach・B -On the beach ・B-
Chapter 1: A Country with a History -Don't Look Back!-
Chapter 2: A Story of Love -Dinner Party-
Chapter 3: The Radio Country -Entertainer-
Chapter 4: The Country of Salvation -Confession-
Epilogue: The The Ship Country・A -On the beach ・A-

Volume IX
Frontispiece: Travesties -Traveler's Tale-
Frontispiece: The Story of Walls -Sweet Home-
Prologue: In Grief・B -Yearning・B-
Chapter 1: The Country of Records -His Record-
Chapter 2: The Good People at Dinner -Innocence-
Chapter 3: The Writer's Journey -Editor's Travels-
Chapter 4: The Country of Radio Waves -Not Guilty-
Chapter 5: The Country of Journals -Historians-
Chapter 6: The Country of Environmental Protection -Let It Be!-
Chapter 7: The Merchant's Country -Professionals-
Chapter 8: The Country of Death -Clearance-
Chapter 9: The Story of a Tank -Spirit-
Chapter 10: Stories from the Past -Tea Talks-
Chapter 11: Persuasiveness II -Persuader II-
Epilogue: In Grief・A -Yearning・A-

Volume X
Frontispiece: The Country of Pets -ApPETite-
Frontispiece: Ti's Wish -Get Real!-
Prologue: One Man's Journey・B -Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa・B-
Chapter 1: The Country with an Interview -Out of the Question-
Chapter 2: Tall Tales -Fantasy-
Chapter 3: The Country of Protection -Meritocracy-
Chapter 4: The Story of Electric Poles -Transmission-
Chapter 5: A Country in a Place Like This? -Preface-
Chapter 6: Ti's Day -a Day in the Girl's Life-
Chapter 7: The Country with a Diva -Unsung Divas-
Epilogue: One Man's Journey・A -Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa・A-

Volume XI
Frontispiece: A Country for the Children -Burn Up-
Frontispiece: The Country of Flowers -Flower Arrangement-
Prologue: The Country with a Camera ・B -Picturesque・B-
Chapter 1: The Connected Country -Stand Alone-
Chapter 2: A Disappointing Country -Hope Against Hope-
Chapter 3: Ajin (...)'s Country
Chapter 4: The Country Without Borders -Asylum-
Chapter 5: The Country with a School -Assignment-
Chapter 6: The Story of Roads -Passage-
Chapter 7: The Story of Fighting People -Reasonable-
Epilogue: The Country with a Camera ・A -Picturesque・A-

Volume XII
Frontispiece: The Country of Charity -How's Tricks?-
Frontispiece: The Bandit's Story -Can You Imagine!-
Frontispiece: The Country of Plagiarism -I Have Ever Seen Before-
Frontispiece: A Request
Prologue - In Happiness・B -Birth・B-
Chapter 1: The Country of Justice -Idiots-
Chapter 2: The Country Visited by a Devil -Talk of the Devil-
Chapter 3: The Country of Investigation -Common Sense-
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

* * *

Old Translations

Volume 15
Chapter 6 - Land of Criminals ~He Had Done It~

Volume 16
Prologue - Land of Love Letters - b ~Confession -b~
Chapter 3 - Land of 'Drunk Driving' ~Let's Play the Game~
Epilogue - Land of Love Letters - a ~Confession -a~


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    1. I'd prefer not to work with Baka-Tsuki. I just like doing my own thing, that's all.

    2. Translations are free to get edited at Baka-Tsuki. There were translators there who left because they didn't like the edits made to their work. Sometimes they even get heavy criticism even after working so hard, and for no compensation whatsoever.

      It's fine as long as Kino receives translations. If an entire Kino volume gets a translation somewhere, I don't think the translators at Baka-Tsuki would bother to re-translate it again, so more chapters can be completed.

    3. I suppose that makes sense... I just see things like how volume 8 is essentially complete between the both o you, and wonder if a compiled volume 8 Will ever come out... that and watching two people work on the same thing would be a shame, but you and Baka tsuki are working on different parts so I suppose it's win win at the moment!

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