FAQ [Updated January 2020]

(Not-so-)Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Something in your translation doesn't match up with the Japanese raws...
That's because everything on this blog is translated from the official Korean version. I know a little bit of Japanese, but not enough to translate effectively. As such, please note that my translations are not nearly as accurate as direct-from-Japanese translations.

2. When are you working on X?
Currently my scheduled lineup is as follows:
-Kino's Journey (the entire series)

I reserve the right to stop working on any of these projects at any time.

3. Are you planning to work on any other projects?
Nothing beyond what I've announced. Also, I don't take requests.

4. Could you re-post the Baccano! translations?
The Baccano! novels have been licensed (finally!) and are never coming back to this blog.

5. Can I make a pdf/epub/etc. of your translations?
Go right ahead. As long as you give proper credit and don't try to sell them for money ('cause, y'know, that's illegal), I have no qualms about people making readable/proofread/edited versions of the things on this blog. I will clearly state at the beginning of a volume if I am going to make a pdf of it myself and spare you the effort.

6. I found a typo!
Leave a comment in the post and I'll get around to correcting it.

7. Can I use your translations to translate into another language?
I don't recommend it, but nothing's stopping you. But remember that if you're going to translate from my stuff, the content will already have gone through three different languages (Japanese->Korean->English), so it's going to greatly jeopardize the accuracy.

8. Why are some updates missing illustrations?
If the illustration is not included in whatever update it might be, it probably means that either the update contains no illustrations to begin with, or I don't have the images. Sorry about that.

9. How much of the novels does the Allison and Lillia anime cover?
The Allison and Lillia anime covers all the main stories from the Allison and Lillia and Treize novels, but censors most of the violence and mature themes, strips out much of the worldbuilding details, and is generally a mediocre experience. I wouldn't recommend it.

10. Do I need to have read Allison and Lillia and Treize to read Meg and Seron?
No. Meg and Seron has a lot of throwbacks, but it is a standalone series.

10.1. What about the Allison and Lillia anime?
It's an acceptable substitute if you just want to read Meg and Seron, but I really recommend the novels instead.

11. What happens when a series you're working on gets licensed?
That is the point where I drop that series like a hot potato and scrounge together all my cash to support the official releases.


  1. I can't stop laughing at number 9!!!!!
    Sorry I just think you have a awesome personality!
    I like how you translate and communicate! I hope I can become a great translator like you!

  2. No doubt I'd support the official releases, too, but would the series being licensed mean that you will delete all records you have on them on this site? If so, I might have to save all the Baccano books on my computer just in case. :>

  3. Oh, forgot a question. Have you read Peter Pan in chains and why not translate it? Just curious. :)

    1. If a series is licensed, then yes, I will delete all records. It wouldn't be right to just leave them up if a company was going to release them all properly. :)

      And as for your second question, I've read all of Baccano until man in the killer, including Peter Pan in Chains. The main reason I'm not working on it (or the rest of 1934) is because I'm not too keen on having to work with characters like the Poet, Christopher, Graham, and Ladd all in the same arc.

  4. I left a similar comment in a post of yours but seriously you rule. I wish there was a way to legally support your efforts financially.

  5. My, my, good job sparking my interest with that mentioning of those characters and then saying you won't ever touch it. D:

    Meh, I still have a lot from Baccano! to read, and I'll be starting Vamp!, too. :3 Thanks for the answers anyway.

  6. Hello, I was wondering if you knew where I might be able to get an electronic version of Kino no Tabi volume 1. As it was translated by TokyoPop, I figured there wouldn't probably be a fan-version on the internet, but I was hoping I'd be able to buy an electronic copy of Kino no Tabi, but yet all the websites I found were selling the hard copy version... So would you perhaps know of a website I can get the online version from?

    Thanks :)

  7. Please translate 1934

  8. Hey!
    How didn´t I find it earlier?
    I read Vamp! in one go thank you very much for translating it!
    I want to ask for your permission of translating Vamp (someday when I'm free) into spanish (+ another miscellaneous translations of your work until now) I'll put your credits.

    1. Feel free to translate any of my stuff! You don't even need to ask for permission. :)

  9. Thanks so much for all you've done! By the way, I was wondering what the situation with Narita's other works is (mainly Etsusa Bridge and Hariyama-san). Have you read them and if so are they any good? Is there any chance you'll ever translate them? Thanks again~

  10. I've read two and a half volumes of Hariyama-san (still working on the third), and nothing of Etsusa Bridge (because the first few volumes have been out of print for years and it's nigh-impossible to find them anymore).

    Hariyama-san was hit-or-miss for me--some of the stories were good, while others... weren't. I don't think I'll be working on it in the foreseeable future.

    As for Etsusa Bridge, I've heard it was excellent, but I can't say much about it until I've read the series.

  11. Hi! Thanks for your translations. If you'd be so kind, can I please have a copy of the raws of Baccano! volumes 9 and 10? I skipped these two because there were no english translations available, and I feel like I'm missing a lot. I'll pay if I have to, although it would be through mail.

  12. hiiii! I just wanted to tell you how awfully grateful I am for the Allison translations! keep up the good work! ^^

  13. Are you going to do more Kino no Tabi? After Gakuen Kino maybe?
    There are some big gaps in the translations on B-T.

  14. Just wanted to say thanks for the Allison translations

  15. Can you tell me where you buy the raws from korea?

    1. Usually I buy them at bookstores in person when I'm in Korea. If not I get it shipped from online bookstores like Aladin or Bandibooks.

  16. Hi ( I have no idea if my previous messagge was sent cuz when I hit publish it didn't showed up but whatever I'll re writte it) Hi, assuming you are still alive (you should considering you ansered someone on April 21th 2015) after you've done the Meg & Seron Translation are you planning on translating its sequel ?


  17. What's the difference between the anime of Allison to Lillia and the light novels?
    I would like to know before reading them.

    1. There aren't many differences in terms of the overall plot; the anime just streamlines the stories of the novels. But because it has a limited number of episodes to work with, a lot of foreshadowing is cut out from the anime and makes some of the twists seem to come out of nowhere. Also, the anime is HEAVILY censored--all hints of violence and mature themes were completely gutted in the transition from light novel to anime.

  18. Just out of curiosity, why do you not take requests?

  19. Sorry to bother, but would you be interested in joining Foxaholic translations? We have no requirements on updates schedule (post as rarely as you want!) nor translation quality and you are free to translate whatever you want while making money through the ad revenue generated on the translations you post. You are more than welcome to translate projects for foxaholic while maintaining your personal translation site. Likewise, you are also invited to join foxaholic even if you cannot translate for the next few months--we have no requirements on update speeds like previously mentioned. For more info, see here: https://foxaholic.blog/join-us/

    If not, then thank you for your contributions to the translation community!

  20. What do you think about the story of one continent series, and do you think we'll ever see a sequel to it?

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