Gakuen Kino [Dropped]

The world is not beautiful, therefore it is. Wait, wrong series.

Kino is an ordinary high school student enjoying an ordinary life in an ordinary world. But when a mysterious entity transforms her classmates into demons and besieges the school, it’s up to her to transform into Mysterious Bishoujo Gun Fighter Rider Kino and bring peace back to the city!

Accompanied by Hermes the talking cell phone strap, Samoyed Mask the handsome but highly incompetent self-proclaimed protector, and the ever-mysterious Detective Wanwan, Kino sets out to conquer every restaurant in town and maybe save the world if she has time to spare.

A spin-off of the acclaimed Kino’s Journey series, Gakuen Kino is a lighthearted comedy where nothing is sacred—not even the original series.

The series is currently ongoing at 6 volumes. Translation has been dropped.

Volume 1 (Kindle version)
Chapter 1 - Kino's Refreshing Arrival ~ Here Comes Kino~ (Part 1)
Chapter 1 - Kino's Refreshing Arrival ~ Here Comes Kino~ (Part 2)
Chapter 2 - The Annoying Guy is a Transfer Student, Woof! ~Before Dog Days~ (Part 1)
Chapter 2 - The Annoying Guy is a Transfer Student, Woof! ~Before Dog Days~ (Part 2)
Chapter 2 - The Annoying Guy is a Transfer Student, Woof! ~Before Dog Days~ (Part 3)
Colour Page Inserts
Chapter 3 - Last Man Standing Got Milk (Part 1)
Chapter 3 - Last Man Standing Got Milk (Part 2)

Volume 2 (Kindle version)
Colour Pages+Prologue
Chapter 4 - Chako's Explosive Story ~Tea Breaks~ (Part 1)
Chapter 4 - Chako's Explosive Story ~Tea Breaks~ (Part 2)
Chapter 5 - The Girl With a Thousand Guns ~Role Play~ (Part 1)
Chapter 5 - The Girl With a Thousand Guns ~Role Play~ (Part 2)
Chapter 6 - Hermes Takes a Stand ~Strap Meets Girl~
Side Story

Volume 3 (PDF+Kindle)
Chapter 5.5. - Chako's Report ~Prologue of Gakuen Kino~
Chapter 6 - Oh, a Story of Their Meeting ~Ten Days in Japan~

Volume 4 (PDF)(epub[courtesy of Blue])
Chapter 7 - A Land That Needs a Diva ~the Shooting Diva~
Chapter 6.5 - The Tale of a Certain Grenade Girl ~After School Tea Time~

Volume 5 (PDF)(epub[courtesy of Blue])
Chapter 8 -  If the Female Manager of the High School Baseball Team Calls on Chako-Sensei of the Take Action Now Club ~Combatfield of Dreams~


  1. reupload vol 3 as well as vol 1 & 2 because MF deleted all my files >__<

  2. link to the whole folder:

  3. thank you so much!!!!

    i really enjoy kino no tabi....too bad tokyopop is gone now

    i really hope i can read the official translated version somewhere in the future

  4. I've been meaning to read this, but I have a question first: will I miss out on a lot of in-jokes if I haven't read the Kino no Tabi novels (though I've seen the anime)?

    1. I personally went into Gakuen Kino with just anime knowledge (I read the Kino's Journey novels later), and didn't feel like I missed out on much. I put up translation links for recommended reads for stories of Gakuen Kino that do involve knowledge from the novels, so if you'd like to dive in, go right ahead.

  5. These novels are so retarded I felt a little dazed when I kept going with Kino no Tabi, but they´re hilarious X)
    Thanks for translating this, and I hope you´ll get a chance to translate the fifth (I´ve heard it´s the last one - please correct me if I´m wrong). I couldn´t stop laughing in the part where Shizu´s singing his own theme song XD

  6. I just want to say thank you.. Well..
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! for translating this hilarious spin off

    And for the pdfs as well :)

  7. I'll gladly read these translations *__*

  8. For my own reading convenience, and hopefully others', here's my quickly cobbled together .epub versions of volumes 4 and 5.!uggGzSCA!LYkD6Nwm6ouEvCfkZ2un0O749xM0fcv_zbPIOK4bzGo

    They could probably use some more in-depth proofing, but as I still have yet to read these volumes, I just skimmed them and sanity checked the translator's notes, etc. Enjoy!

  9. Thank you for translating Gakuen Kino. :)
    It was a nice, funny and enjoying story, and a spin off of Kinos Journey, too.

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