Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Kino's Journey XII: Frontispiece

It's time for Volume XII of Kino's Journey! Some of you may recall that I've already translated this particular volume, but that was something like eight years ago (which is probably more than half a lifetime ago for some of you readers) and I am not satisfied with my work from then. I'll be updating every week or every other week on Wednesdays with edited chapters, after which I'm moving on to Volume XIII.

Trivia: this update in particular is tucked away in the inside cover of the physical book, making it very easy for casual readers to miss completely. I sure did when I first bought my copy!

* * *

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Frontispiece: The Country of Charity
-How’s Tricks?-

Help a Traveler in Need!

This is a call for assistance from Citizens for Traveler Relief (CTR), an organization that provides much-needed aid to travelers in difficult circumstances.

Another poor visitor entered our country recently: a teenager named Kino who rode a motorrad called Hermes. Our first visitor in 230 days claimed to be visiting only for “a taste of [our] delicious food,” perhaps out of embarrassment or shame. Our hearts were broken by Kino’s humble heart.

Kino is no different from other travelers. Subsisting on “freshwater fish or hunted game, but usually on rations,” our visitor betrayed no hint of the discomfort of life on the road, but it is not difficult to imagine the horror of living on bland rations every day. Our abundant farms have long erased the concept of starvation from our minds. Kino claims to be “used to such a life” in a clear show of bravado.

When asked about home, Kino replied indifferently, “My homeland is gone.” We were stunned into silence. Who could have the heart to ask why this young traveler was forced onto the road? It was simply not possible for people like us, who live and raise our families in the land of our birth, to ask how it must feel to lose one’s homeland forever.

When asked about future plans, Kino replied firmly, “My dream is to survive and continue to travel.” We were brought to tears. Travelers often go hungry, endure natural disasters, and are threatened by unsavory characters. The very act of surviving—the simple hope of continuing forward—is something that travelers can never take for granted.

We learned that Kino was armed with a persuader called Cannon—“an old companion”—which was practically an antique. Such is the reality of life as a traveler, who cannot afford more than an outdated model for protection in the wilderness. What traveler would refuse the latest automatic persuaders that are only available in the most expensive of stores?

And yet Kino continues to travel from one country to the next, fighting constantly to stay alive. “The beautiful sights I see make it all worthwhile, and some of the countries I visit are very hospitable.”

We too can be one of those hospitable countries. We can make a difference in this traveler’s life.


CTR’s charitable activities are supported by the generous donations of our citizens. Why not sponsor the brave and optimistic Kino today? The price of a single cup of tea can buy Kino a day’s worth of rations. We may be legally bound to remain behind our walls, but even from here we can offer our support to the less fortunate. Let your love and care depart the gates alongside Kino and see the world through the eyes of this bold young traveler.

Kino is scheduled to depart the country tomorrow evening. Please make a deposit to the following account by noon tomorrow to offer your support. Collected funds will go to Kino’s equipment, food, fuel, and oil. Your donations will be returned to our national economy in the form of food and supply purchases.

Please direct your donations to:
National Bank, Central Branch
Account Number: 4930-1554
Account Holder: Citizens for Traveler Relief

*Please fill in the NOTE section with the phrase “Kino Relief Fund”



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