Saturday, 16 November 2019

Status update

(tl;dr: Hiatus until January. I'm not dropping this series!)

I'm not dead! Not yet, anyway.

Sorry about the looooooooong delay. It's busy season at work. I have basically no memory of the past 30 days except work work work work OW my fingers

So my job involves a lot of typing. Like a lot. You can see where this is going. Not even my ergonomic keyboard can help at this point.

As much as I love translating Kino's Journey, I can't justify working on it at the risk of actually having to stop working for real dollars. I'm going to finish off this work season, take Christmas and New Year's to give my poor fingers a rest, and then get back to Kino afterwards.

(And no, I can't do speech-to-text because I hate it and my OTHER job involves a lot of talking. :( Gotta save that voice.)