Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Kino's Journey II: Chapter 1

Once again, I'd like to thank Ella.servantes for the clean illustration scans. Much appreciated!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Kino's Journey II: Frontispiece+Prologue

Here's the first update of the Kino's Journey re-translation project.

One thing you may notice from the outset is that double-page illustrations have not been put together. That is because I am 1. terrible at image editing, and 2. currently without any image editing software. If anyone could lend a hand with the illustration scans, I'd very much appreciate it. Problem solved. Thanks to Ella.servantes for the scans!

Oh, and I lied about the updates: I won't be posting one chapter every Wednesday--sometimes I'll post two, or maybe even more, depending on how much I have completed by that point. I may still miss a few Wednesdays for longer chapters, though.

I've made one change in particular that I'd been meaning to make for a while. The in-story term 'liquid gunpowder' (which is not an oxymoron in the Japanese language!) will be replaced by the made-up term 'gunfluid' until I (or possibly one of you readers) come up with something that sounds better.

Welcome back to Kino's Journey!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Re:Kino's Journey

With the recent announcement of the new Kino's Journey anime, this is probably the best time for me to announce that I'm working on a complete do-over of the Kino's Journey novel translations. That means I'm translating the entire series from Volume II and on in order, updating old translations when necessary.

I will be uploading one chapter every Wednesday, or every other Wednesday for some of the longer stories.

Updates on The Story of One Continent will not be affected by the new project.

The Story of One Continent - Chapter 16