Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Meg and Seron IV: The Serial Murders at Ercho Village - Chapter 8

Good news, everyone!

No, I'm still on semi-hiatus. (2015 was a busy year but 2016 is the year when my graduate thesis is the least of my worries, so don't get your hopes up for a speedy update schedule anytime soon.)

The good news is that the final two volumes in the Allison series, Story of a Single Continent/Hitotsu no Tairiku no Monogatari (someday I'll figure out a consistent translation for the title) is being released in Korean, which means:
1. I am definitely going to finish translating the entire series, and
2. Story of a Single Continent will be translated much faster than if I were to work from the Japanese version.

This also means I'm going to hold off on pdfs/epubs for Meg and Seron until I've finished Story of a Single Continent, so I can release one definitive collection for the entire 19-volume series. Then I'll finally be done with the series for good. :)

Anyway, this chapter is the second-to-last update for the volume. Enjoy.