Monday, 3 December 2012

Sneak Preview

[Ladies and gentlemen! Though I am truly ashamed to ask so banal a question, do you believe in the existence of vampires?]

[Ah, my humblest apologies. Perhaps I should have begun with an introduction. I am Gerhard von Valstein, a vampire upon whom was bestowed the noble title of ‘viscount’ and lordship over this Island of Growerth. But let us prolong these formalities no more. Allow me to instead relay to you the tale of a certain commotion that took place on this island. …Please, I implore you to lend me your ears, that I may stave off my boredom.]

[And whether or not you believe in my existence, my inhumanity is clear as day, is it not? After all, this body of mine—]

-New project coming early 2013!