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Kino's Journey V: Prologue+Chapter 1

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* * *

<<Volume IV

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Prologue: At Dusk・B


Everyone says otherwise, but I think this place is beautiful.

Everyone says otherwise, but I think this place has something new to offer every day.

When I first laid eyes on this place, my mind went blank.

I’ve seen this place dozens of times now, but even now I find it beautiful. I never get tired of it. I want to see it again tomorrow, too.


I think I’m the only one who thinks that way.

Is something wrong with me?

Am I insane?

Am I broken?

This world is brilliant.

That’s right.

It calms and encourages me. It helps me to forget the hardships in my life.

But even if that’s proof that something is wrong with me, that I’m insane and broken…

Even still, I’m glad that I can think this way. I treasure this moment, when I feel this way.


I’m going to gaze out at this place in the days to come.

Even if the rest of the world calls this place ugly,

And even if it goes against all human morals to call it beautiful,

I’ll keep watching this place, for as long as it moves my heart.

“Food’s ready, Will. Come on down.”

“Be right there.”

I can’t keep my dear friends waiting.

I salute once more at the beautiful world and climb down the ladder.

* * *

Chapter 1: Memories of that Day
-Blue Rose-

“Oh, I have a splendid idea! You must take me with you. I want to travel too,” said the boy.

The black-haired traveler and the motorrad went silent. They were at a loss.

They stood in a splendid garden, surrounded by beds of red and blue roses. Water spouted from a marble fountain nearby.

“Don’t you think so? I think I will learn so very much if I were to travel. I could see many places and grow wiser. So take me with you,” the boy asked, excited.

The traveler, who had been telling stories from the outside world at the boy’s request, was very taken aback. “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“Nope,” the motorrad agreed.

The boy howled, “Why not? Why is it that you travel the world while I am forced to stay here?” he turned to the old man. “What do you say? Can I please go travel?”

The old man was also troubled, but he replied firmly, “I’m afraid you cannot.”

“Why not? Do you dare defy me? Is that what it is?” the boy demanded, grabbing the old man.

The traveler noted the old man’s concern and stood, readying the motorrad to leave. “If you’ll excuse us, then.”

This time, the child waddled to the traveler. “Why? Why can’t I go?”

The traveler looked at the child. “Traveling is very dangerous.”

“Yeah. And I only have room for one anyway,” the motorrad agreed.

The traveler said goodbye to the old man and began to push the motorrad away. The child followed, shouting.

“Please take me with you! I’ll do anything you say! I’ll be good! I’ll even eat all my carrots! I can sleep alone at night even without Mother! So please!”

Once more, the traveler told the boy that he could not come, leaving with the motorrad in spite of the boy’s pleas.

When the roar of the motorrad’s engine disappeared into the distance, the boy burst into tears.

They stood in a splendid garden, surrounded by beds of red and blue roses. Water spouted from a marble fountain nearby.

The boy buried his face in the old man’s chest and wept on and on.

The much older man woke up the boy, who had become a man. He had been nodding off in his chair, inside a majestic office.

The boy who was now a man thanked the much older man and told him about the dream he had.

“I’m sorry I was such a coddled brat,” he said, apologizing to the much older man and remarking how he still remembered that day very clearly.

The old man smiled gently and gave a deferential bow.

* * *

I think it's beautiful because I think that it's beautiful
-Have I ever seen the beautiful world?-

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