Thursday, 30 June 2016

Meg and Seron VII: The Fiancée out of the Blue - Prologue

One day early, here's the first (very short) update for the final volume of Meg and Seron.

I'll be starting the sequel series in late August if I finish early, or as soon as I finish this book if it takes me longer.



Prologue: Something Big


<It’s been a while, SC Jenny.>

<It sure has, newbie. Or I guess I can’t call you that any more. Want me to call you by name?>

<It’s all right.>

<You’re calling from Raputoa, right? Should I call you back?>

<Yes, please. Oh, but I wanted to ask you something quickly.>


<Did my letter reach SC Megmica? What happened afterwards?>

<Things are turning out as I expected, more or less.>

<What happened?>

<Something big.>


<Gimme your number. I’ll call back and fill you in on the details.>

<Hello? Newbie, are you busy today? It’s gonna be a really long story. Don’t worry about the phone bill, though. I’ve got it covered.>

<No, I have time. Thank you.>

<Where are you?>

<The school parlor. The teachers gave me permission to use the phone here so I could ‘talk to someone from the Capital District I’m deeply indebted to’. There’s no one around.>

<Good. I’m glad you’re quick on the uptake. By any chance, did you come to school on a weekend just to ask me this stuff? I feel kind of bad now.>

<Don’t worry, SC Jenny! I’m just curious to see what happened with SC Seron and SC Megmica. What did you mean by ‘something big’? Please tell me everything!>

<Sure thing. You have the right and duty to hear it all.>




  1. Finally!! :3 I was actually checking if there's new update few times a day for last 10 days >_<

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