Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Meg and Seron I: Summer Break of the Year 3305 - Prologue

It's short enough to be a preview, but here's the first update for Meg and Seron. This series is a 7-volume spin-off to Lillia and Treize, which takes place at around the same timeframe. Unlike the other series in the 'verse, Meg and Seron is a down-to-earth school life series focusing on the goings-on at the 4th Capital Secondary School. Expect no elaborate descriptions of aircraft or firearms here--do expect some fluff, hijinks, and a dash of photography geekery.

This update also serves as a very brief epilogue of sorts to Lillia and Treize (the anime actually ended with this prologue, which I thought was a good decision). This naturally means that this update contains spoilers for the ending of Lillia and Treize! The rest of the series, however, is safe to read for those who have not finished the Allison or Lillia and Treize books.

I've omitted the dramatis personae page from this update because it spoils some of the characters from later in the book. I'll put it up at the beginning of the next volume.



Prologue: Endings and Beginnings


The 13th day of the fourth month, the year 3306 of the World Calendar.

In the middle of the school gymnasium, which had been converted into a ballroom—

A boy and a girl were dancing.

A boy with black hair,

And a girl with long, decorated brown hair.

They boy, in a black tuxedo,

And the girl, in a yellow dress.

With the gazes of many other boys and girls on them, they danced.

Elegantly, and maybe a little violently.

“You’re even good at dancing, huh. I hate you just a little bit more now, Treize.”

“Cut me some slack, Lillia. I’m trying my best here.”

“Tch. You know, I won’t go easy on you even if you’re a prince or whatever.”

“I know.”

The words they exchanged as they danced—

—were drowned out completely by the music around them.

“I am wondering what the two people are talking about… But in any case, they are both very, very cool.”

A girl with long black hair done up—

A girl wearing a white dress—

Said to the boy standing at her right side.

“It sort of looks like they’re fighting.”

A boy with grey eyes—

A boy wearing a black tuxedo—

Replied with a flustered look.

The emcee on the dance floor called out, “Everyone, are you just going to stand around all night?”.

Boys and girls stepped onto the floor with their chosen partners beside them.

The black-haired girl turned her gaze from Lillia and Treize, looking to her right.

And she held out her white-gloved hand to the boy standing there.

The grey-eyed boy turned elegantly,

And gently took her hand in his.

“Shall we dance, Seron Maxwell?”

The girl asked in Bezelese.

“It would be my pleasure, Meg.”

The boy replied in Roxchean.

“Atta boy, Seron… you’ve come so far… I’m so proud of you!”

“You’re sounding like a regular mother figure. If memory serves, weren’t you s’pposed to be a guy?”

“That aside, are you two simply going to watch from the sidelines? We should enjoy the evening as well.”

“You’ve got that right. It’s no fun just watching—I’m going to show off my moves.”

It all started in the summer of 3305—


Chapter 1.



  1. Yellow Dress , the same Allison wore for the photo ? xD

    1. In the anime at least, it is.

  2. I'm very excited for this project, thanks for the quick update! On that note, thanks for the recently completed Lillia and Treize chapter as well! Your projects are always great. Have a nice day :D

  3. Just curious, are you gonna pick a up a new second project when Etsusa Bridge is done or are you going to concentrate on this one?

    1. I'm probably just going to focus on Meg and Seron until a new volume of Etsusa Bridge, Vamp!, or Gakuen Kino is released.

    2. Cool.
      I wonder if Narita will ever release another volume of those two. I read he has plans for it but he seems to be focused on Durarara; he's also writing Fate/Strange Fake (2 volumes a year I heard). I guess time will tell.