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Lillia and Treize III(Part 2): My Prince - Chapter 10

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This is the second-to-last update for the series, and the final chapter in the main story. I'll be uploading the last bit of this volume soon.

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Chapter 10: Lillia and Treize


The 2nd day of the fourth month of the year 3306 of the World Calendar.

It was the first day of the new term, and Lillia was at school.

It was time for first period. She sat at a desk in a classroom with about twenty other students.

“It’s been a while, everyone. I see you’re all doing well. I’m already excited to start this new term; it feels like the perfect time to try something new.”

The middle-aged teacher was rambling at length.


Lillia was not listening.

With her eyes narrowed, she looked up at the overcast sky.

There was a gentle breeze in the air, and the clouds moved at a crawl.

On that day—

When Allison—who was circling the air overhead—saw the two figures fall and her daughter waving desperately from the roof of the last car, she flew into a descent.

She tried to communicate via radio, but there was no response. So she opened fire on the still-running locomotive. This was what she had brought the aeroplane for in the first place.

Allison continued to attack the sturdy diesel engine until it was finally destroyed. By the time the train was released from inertia, they were quite far from where the two had fallen.

“Mom! Treize fell off the train! We have to go find him!”

“I know, honey. Calm down. I hate to say it, but finding him’s beyond me right now.”

Lillia clung desperately to her mother, who had landed on the plains. But darkness had already fallen upon them and the stars were all they had to see by.

Allison sat Lillia in the back seat of the fighter plane. The back seat was the gunner’s seat, which faced the back of the plane. Allison returned to the cockpit and communicated over the radio with someone. Then—

“Some of the airmen are going to come by car to search the area. Let’s go back for now, sweetheart.”

Lillia nodded. Allison started the engines and taxied over the plains to take off.

In the darkened sky,

<Mom… did you know?> Lillia asked over the internal line.

Allison, who sat back-to-back with her daughter, answered.

<I did. I’ve known Queen Francesca since before she was crowned. But I didn’t want to say anything until Treize did.>

<…I see. I still have a lot of questions, but I’ll wait until I can ask Treize.>

<Yes. Let’s do that, sweetheart.>

After that short conversation, silence fell over them.

The aeroplane landed at a brightly-lit airstrip.

In the same airspace was an aeroplane that had just taken off, but it was not visible to Lillia.

The aeroplane carrying Major Travas, his subordinates, and Princess Matilda of Bezel flew north, towards the port where the Bezelese battleship was stationed.

The teacher continued speaking to the class.

“Now, let’s go over a few housekeeping issues. They’ve started a large-scale renovation project at the apartment complex east of the campus. We’ll be seeing a lot of heavy machinery in the area for some time. Take care when you’re passing through—”


Lillia gazed blankly out the window.

Several days earlier—

Lillia was back home in the Capital District when she received a phone call saying that the body of the man named Weasel—once known as ‘Prisoner 42’—had been found. The call was from an Air Force officer who was a subordinate of Allison’s. Allison, meanwhile, was away from home for days on end for work.

<What about Treize? They didn’t find anyone else?!> Lillia asked.

<The Air Force didn’t find anyone else. But—>


<We didn’t find any other bodies on the scene.> The officer said mechanically, and hung up with a word of goodbye.

“As you all know, tomorrow is the last day to register with a date for the spring dance party. I’m sure you all kept in touch by telephone and mail over the break, but—”


As smiles and sighs filled the classroom, Lillia continued to gaze blankly out the window.

Meg, who was taking the same class, was looking at her worriedly.

Earlier that morning—

“What’s wrong, Lillia? You look down.”

“Meg… It’s just… Treize from Iks is missing right now…”

“Missing? How?”

“A lot of things happened… and we’re waiting for them to finish investigating. Heh.”

“My goodness…”

Meg cast Lillia a concerned look.

At the same time—

The moon in the eastern sky lit up Sfrestus, the capital of Sou Be-Il.

The luxurious parlor overlooked a garden cloaked in pale blue light. A man in his early sixties stepped inside.

He was dressed in a brown Royal Army uniform, with a badge of rank indicating that he was a major general. Embroidered on the name tag on his breast was the name ‘Aikashia’.

Greeting him was a man in a nightgown, who was holding a glass of wine. He was the man who had hired ‘Prisoner 42’.

The man said arrogantly that he did not normally allow visitors at this time of night.

“My sincerest apologies, Your Grace. I have important news that calls for your immediate attention.” The bespectacled major general said.

The owner of the parlor demanded an explanation.

“Yes, Your Grace. The intelligence department acquired an unfortunate piece of information. We thought it would be best to report as quickly as possible.”

The owner of the parlor waved off the preamble and ordered the soldier to get to the point.

“Yes, sir. We’ve received reports that Prisoner 42, who ‘escaped’ from prison last month, was sighted in Roxche. It sounds unbelievable, but we’ve confirmed the information. He is wanted by the Eastern police after a string of murders in Western Roxche.”

What of it, asked the owner of the parlor. It was delightful to hear that the monster had left their homeland, he said with a sip of his wine.

Now they could leave the work to the Roxchean police, he said. Princess Matilda had returned safely and international relations had improved—perhaps they should, in that same spirit, have some faith in the East, the man said, pouring more wine into his glass.

“It grieves me to say, Your Grace, that we’ve received an update on the situation. My subordinates inform me that Prisoner 42 has crossed the Lutoni again and returned to Sfrestus.”

The wine spilled. Loudly.

“We aren’t sure why he took the trouble of crossing the Lutoni again. But we know that he is a stubborn and obsessive man. We fear the possibility that he might go after you and your son, Your Grace, as you were the one who ‘sentenced him to imprisonment’. For the time being—”

“He won’t be getting much sleep for the time being.” Major General Aikashia said as he boarded a black car.

“That’s good to hear. Gave us a lot of trouble, that one.”

The driver, a man in a military uniform, chuckled. He was the young man who was called ‘Yzma’ during the mission in Roxche. He started the car and chattered as he always did.

“Now that the royal family knows what really went on, the duke’s son will never marry the princess. And now a certain someone can officially make an appearance.”

“Of course.”

“Apparently he twisted in midair and used the bastard’s body to break his fall. Not bad at all. I was impressed, actually. He really can get things done if he puts his mind to it.”

“Indeed. —By the way, Young Master Berstein.”

“Hm? Yes, Headmaster? Do you have a new mission for me? I’m ready anytime!” Yzma—the future head of the Berstein family—cheered, putting his hands on the steering wheel.

“Excellent. His Majesty the King was quite impressed by your performance in this last mission. He requests that you come to work for the royal family.”

“What? Paper-pushing at the capital? You can’t do this to me, Headmaster! You’ve got to save me! What did I do to deserve this?”

“So many things.”

“That’s all for housekeeping.”

Lillia gazed blankly out the window.

“Now, I’d like to introduce a transfer student who’ll be starting at our school this term.”

The teacher opened the door and someone stepped inside—

The other students—especially the girls—began whispering excitedly—


But Lillia continued gazing blankly out the window.

“He came all the way to the Capital District to attend school here. I’m sure dormitory students have met him already, as he moved in yesterday. We’ll be doing introductions now, since this will be his first class at our school.”


Lillia gazed blankly out the window. The breeze had nearly stopped. The clouds, as well.

“If you’ll introduce yourself to the class.”


Lillia gazed blankly out the window.

“Er… My name is Treize. Treize Bain.”

Lillia turned.

She stared at Treize, who was wearing a school uniform.

Lillia practically leapt to her feet, pushing aside her chair and rushing to the front like a gust of wind. Her eyes were full of tears.

“Hey, Lillia. It’s been—”

She threw a punch at the prince of Ikstova.

At the same time—

“Hmm… it’s like my paperwork is multiplying…”

Allison Whittington Schultz was battling a mound of documents at her messy desk in an Air Force base outside the Capital District.

“Sorry you have to do all that work, Captain Schultz. But I suppose you’ve got to pay off the long vacation, the unauthorized use of a fighter plane, and the costs of the search party somehow.” Her superior joked, but Allison ignored the jab.

“I wonder if they’ve met by now?” She wondered.

Meanwhile, Lillianne Aikashia Corazòn Whittington Schultz—


—grabbed Treize by the collar as he hit the chalkboard behind him and bounced forward.

“Ow—ow—ow—my ribs aren’t—that hurts Lillia please stop shaking me—”

“Shut up!”

As the teacher and all the students besides Meg watched in shock,

“You’ve got a lot of explaining to do!”

Lillia demanded loudly, ferocious as an angry beast.

“I-I’ve got a lot of things to say, too…” Treize stammered, caught helplessly in her grip.

Strauski Megmica stood with a smile on her face and began applauding loudly.

“Yes! Go get him, Lillia! Dance!”

The male student sitting next to her flinched in surprise.

As she had spoken in Bezelese, only three people in the classroom had understood.

At the same time—

“Is this all right, Sister?”

“Yes, Carla. You’re a very quick learner, I see.”

“It’s Carlo!”

“Oh, right. I’m sorry, Carlo.”

“Please don’t forget.”

Her slightly long red hair fluttering, Carlo pouted.

Under a clear blue sky was a glittering blue lake, next to which was a grassy field. On the benches and tables set up there were about twenty children from the Ein Morseau Children’s Home, practicing their writing in their new notebooks.

Carlo urged the nun who was teaching them for more words.

“C’mon, teach me how to write ‘numbskull’! ‘Wimp’ is fine too. And teach me how to write ‘top secret’.”

The nun blinked.

“…Maybe we should start off with some nicer words.”

Carlo tightened her grip on her pencil.

“C’mon, I want to write to someone!”

“Oh my. To whom?” The nun asked with a smile. Carlo put on an annoyed look.

“To a numbskull prince and a princess with long, pretty hair. So teach me!”

At the same time—

Gratz Axentine was at her hometown in the Kingdom of Iltoa. She lay on her own bed in her own room for the first time in years, looking up at a familiar ceiling.


She pulled her right hand out of the blankets and grabbed a picture frame from her nightstand. She brought it to her face.

Under the pale blue light from the window, a Royal Army captain and a young girl smiled together in the photograph.

Written on the photo in the captain’s handwriting were the words,

‘True to your mission to the very end.’

“Yes. It’s finished…”

The woman clutched the frame to her chest and slowly closed her eyes.

“Good night, Father.”

At the same time—




The men who were once called Uno, Ozette, and Ed were in their office in the Sou Be-Il embassy in Roxche’s Capital District. Though it was only morning, they were drinking in their former workplace.

The men, who were all in suits, had spread newspaper over the floor and were using a cardboard box full of documents as a makeshift table for their little party.

The office had been cleaned out completely. There were no more chairs or tables. Only a few lonely cardboard boxes scattered about.

In the next room over was nothing but their superior’s old desk.

The men muttered between sips from their mugs.

“It’s gonna get pretty lonely now.”


“Well, it’s not like this is the last we’ll see of each other.”

The men reminisced nostalgically.

“And it looks like we’ll be saying goodbye to these babies for a while.”

Munching on the Capital District’s famous crisps, the men clinked glasses.

At the same time—

Near the Lutoni River, at the edge of a forest, was a village.

It was a small settlement with only about twenty newly-built houses. At the village entrance was a sign that read, ‘Future Village’.

A light fog was upon the area, and dawn was beginning to glow beyond the eastern horizon.

Near the center of the village was a home that looked older than the others. In the middle of the old wooden house was a red brick chimney.

Four maids were working near the house. They were cleaning the yard and drawing water with expert hands.

Among them was an elderly woman. She had white hair and a wrinkled face. She seemed to be over seventy years of age, but she stood tall as she moved about vigorously, issuing orders to the servants.

A small truck approached the house.

The truck pulled over in front of the yard. A man disembarked. He greeted everyone as he unloaded bottles of milk from the bed of the truck.

“Good morning. Thank you for the milk, as always.” The old woman said to him.

“Good morning, Chief. I see you’re as healthy as ever. —Ah, I have a letter for you today. It’s from your son.”

“Oh my.”

The woman received the postcard with a smile and sent off the truck. Then she looked down at the postcard.

‘Dearest Mother,

‘How are you? I’m doing very well.

‘I’ve just finished an important mission and am probably going to receive a long vacation.

‘I’ll send you a telegram soon. I’d like to see you at the village—I have something important to discuss. I’d like my potatoes sliced and stir-fried, please.

‘Your loving son.’

Travas Ladia smiled.

“Of course.”

She raised her right hand in a salute.

At the same time—

“Which is why I’m saying we have to attract tourists during the winter, too! And downhill skiing is the key! Downhill skiing! It’s all about cross-country skiing down in the plains, but we have to advertise the fact that you can enjoy downhill skiing in Iks with the help of chairlifts!”

In the Kingdom of Iks, which was still covered in snow, the princess passionately lectured her family over breakfast.

“Hm. That might not be such a bad idea.” Said her father—still sporting a full beard—as he took a sip of tea mixed with jam.

“Maybe we should save the governing for after breakfast, Meriel?” Said her mother—the Queen of Ikstova—as she spread melted cheese on a piece of toast.

“No! The sooner we plan, the better! Luckily, there’s still a gentle slope left next to Pamil Village. We’ll compensate the citizens who’re using the land for grazing and have them clear the area. Then we can build an affordable hotel on the lakeshore and start a ski resort! We’ll have to build a small rail system between the hill and Kunst. We can hire the same manufacturers who’ll be working on the chairlifts! They’ll give us a discount for the second job. The problem is the visitors who’ll want to come by aeroplane when the lake isn’t available. We’ll have to consider building an airport in the pass, too!” Meriel raved, slamming her fists on the table.

“Mm. This tea is great. Just the right amount of jam.” Benedict commented. Fiona held out a piece of toast for him.

“Here you are.”

“Ah, thank you, Fi. I’m afraid this is the only way I can repay you…” Benedict trailed off, kissing her. The kiss lasted quite some time.

“Both of you! I’m discussing the country’s future here!”

The princess’s voice resounded through the kingdom of silver and white.

* * *

Several days after the new term began.

On the school grounds, Lillia took out a photograph from her pocket.

“Check this out, Meg.”

“What is it, Lillia? A photo?”

“I met this person on the train a few weeks ago. Apparently she’s an heiress from Sou Be-Il. We ended up chatting for a long time and became friends. So we took a picture together.”

“Wow! Can I see?”

Strauski Megmica looked at the photograph—and fainted three seconds later.

“Eek! Meg, wake up!”

A thin layer of clouds floated across the sky. Buildings covered the flat land below.

High-rise condos stood in the distance in the Capital District. Laundry fluttered on the roofs of some of the buildings.

The winds from the west came to a stop—

And spring was upon the land in full force.

-My Prince: End-





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