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Gakuen Kino 5 - Chapter 8 (Finale)

Enjoy. The next update will wrap up this volume of Gakuen Kino.


Finale: Monday
~a Sequel~


The next day. It was a Monday.

After school.

“Wow, this is good.”

The Take Action Now Club was in their clubroom of the day, the A/V room. They could hear the distant sound of construction on the swimming pool, and the repairs being made to the pillars of the school building.

Kino was in her school uniform. She relished a yōkan she picked up from the table.

Around the table were Shizu, Inuyama, Sara, Elias, and—

“Yesterday was incredible.”

—Chako-sensei, wearing a blazer vest and skirt.

Kino complained viciously.

“But you broke your man-to-man promise about having dinner at that restaurant yesterday!”

In case any of you are confused, no, neither Kino nor Chako-sensei are men.

“Of course I couldn’t keep the promise. You didn’t finish the game.”


“I suppose we couldn’t help things when the demon showed up, but it was Mysterious Bishoujo Gun Fighter Rider Kino and her cohorts who played for us. Oh, and Elias? You did a splendid job. And all on your own! I heard all about your efforts!” Chako-sensei said, sounding very confident for someone who ran for her life like a cartoon character.

“Yeah, Elias! You were amazing! You were so cool!” Sara agreed, her eyes sparkling.

“Huh? Oh, um. Thank you.” Elias replied shyly. Damn it, no more of that mushy romance stuff.

Kino could not reveal her identity; she had no choice but to back off.


And that was why she devoured all the yōkan Chako-sensei brought as the day’s snack. Munch munch.

“Sensei.” Shizu said, raising a hand.

“Yes, Shizu?”

“What happened to the baseball team? We were all rescued by the warriors of justice yesterday, but—”

Inuyama and Kino nodded.

“Yes.” “Yeah.”

After the game the other day,

Kino was actually there, in the guise of the warrior of justice Mysterious Bishoujo Gun Fighter Rider Kino. When she recovered from the impact of slamming into the demon,


She saw the baseball team carrying the unconscious Totsugawa together, taking him to the nurse’s office.

Eight people lifted him into the air, walking in formation. Following behind them was a teary-eyed girl with a ponytail, her hair swishing slightly as she walked.

It looked a bit like a suspicious cultists’ ritual, but it’s good to see that everyone is safe.

“Now that my job is done, I should be getting back to, uhh, Planet Justice!” Kino improvised awkwardly to Sara and Elias.

“Thank you, Mysterious Bishoujo Gun Fighter Rider Kino! We couldn’t have done it without you!”

“Thank you! You were amazing!”

Kino left Sara and Elias as though in escape.

When she glanced over, Samoyed Mask and Detective Wanwan had also disappeared from view.

Kino undid her transformation behind the school building and returned to being plain old Kino.


She went back to the grounds to fill her empty stomach.

“Oh, Kino-senpai! I’m glad you’re safe. The kuroko just got word from Chako-sensei. Apparently we’re ending club activities now because of the demon attack. Sensei is headed for the nurse’s office. She says we have to go back to the dorms because it’s dangerous. The kuroko are going to take us back.” Sara explained.

“N-no…” Kino trailed off helplessly.

End flashback.

“Totsugawa from the baseball team returned to human form and woke up in the nurse’s office. And like all the other cases, he has no memories of being a demon.” Chako-sensei explained, chuckling. “The baseball team is singing his praises, swearing to follow their captain forever.”

That was natural, since they’d seen him put up such a valiant fight even in demon form.

Although this didn’t guarantee that the baseball team would get better, the game was sure to become a wonderful memory in their scrapbook of youth.

“And for some reason, Watanabe-sensei the supervisor didn’t come out to school today. Is he transferring, maybe? Who knows? The baseball team might get a new coach.” Chako-sensei said, seemingly ignorant to how scary she was sounding. No one knows just how much of her words were true.

But Kino didn’t care one bit about that business.

“I see. It’s a good thing the baseball team’s gonna be all right.”

“In any case, I wonder about these cases of demonic temptation. Who is doing all this, and why?” Chako-sensei suddenly wondered. Sara and Elias stared.

Who knows?’ Thought Hermes, who was hanging from Kino’s belt.

“I don’t know the answer myself, but I can say with confidence that they will never defeat the warriors of justice.” Shizu said. Spoken like a true honor student.

“Although no one can truly say what is demonic and what is justice.” Inuyama added, shooting Shizu a meaningful look.

And finally spoke Kino, the protagonist.

“In any case, I think we should be opening the next box of yōkan.”


On the way back home after the game, Totsugawa was finally left alone with Yuri.

“Thank you! I love you too, Yuri!” He cried, suddenly hugging her.


The bewildered Yuri punched him hard, but that was another story.

Sometimes, love blossoms from awkward misunderstandings like this.

Although it might not.

Chapter 8 End


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