Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sneak preview

The longest bridge in the world, standing between Sado and Niigata. The nameless artificial island in the very middle of the bridge, abandoned in the recession, is a lawless world swarming with illegal immigrants and criminals--a modern-day Kowloon Walled City.

Two young men enter the island.

The meek and quiet Seiichi Kugi, seeking a sense of adventure with his childhood friend.

The criminal Hayato Inui, drawn in by some unknown desire.

They begin to walk two entirely separate paths in this lawless world. But their respective journeys looked much like a dog barking at its own reflection.

Coming August 18th.


  1. I take this is Etsusa Bridge and by the updatte not an April fool's day joke.

  2. Since anni_fiesta dissapeared without translating much of it, I was hoping someone would pick it. The only thing I know about it it's that it's set on Durarara!!'s near future.

  3. Technically speaking all of Narita's works are set in the same universe with the Earliest known events being Baccano!, with Vamp!, and Durarara!! happening around the same time. Then you Have Durarara!! SH!, and after that Etsusa Bridge.

    1. I didn't know there was a Durarara!! SH, but I did know that at least most of Narita's works are set on the same verse (some say Sekai no Chuushin, Hariyama-san is set in another verse, some not, and I'm not sure about Otsubell to Warau Suiyobi, but at least the short stories Fate/Strange Fake and To Aru Jihanki no Fanfare, as well as the short series Bleach: Spirits are Forever With You are set up in their own verses).
      I indicated Durarara!! because Baccano!'s most recent set up is a bit prior from Durarara!!'s and I wasn't sure about the exact timing of Vamp! (despite knowing about Duramp! and having just found about Varara!!).
      Here you have a list of most of Naruta's works (with links, if any, to translations):

  4. is this etsusa bridge?

    wow, thank you >.<