Sunday, 19 January 2014

Two previews for February

Days leading up to the trip: Orientation and shopping for supplies.
The 19th: Depart from dorms in the morning and take a train to the city of Elitesa at the southernmost tip of Raputoa. Spend the night in Elitesa.
The 20th: Enter the Kingdom of Iks by bus and head to the town of Mushke in the north side of the country.
The 21st: Tour Mushke.
The 22nd: Tour Mushke.
The 23rd: Head to the capital city of Kunst.
The 24th: Tour Kunst.
The 25th: Take a bus to Elitesa from Kunst. Spend the night at Elitesa.
The 26th: Dismissal at Elitesa. Students who live nearby can go directly back to their homes.


<This is Juna Riebeluka reporting from the island of Growerth in northern Germany. This morning, the body of Ms. Zara, who was recently reported missing, was found in the harbor area. She is the third victim of the serial murder-kidnapping cases that have been plaguing the island since last weekend. Investigators say that the body was found at the precise location that was announced to the police and media, making it likely that the announcement was sent by the kidnapper. The mayor of the city of Neuberg, Mr. Watt Stalf, has issued a statement requesting the cooperation of the investigators—>

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