Saturday, 28 September 2013

Kino's Journey Volume 16 - Prologue

I realized that translating Kino's Journey is great for winding down after going through plot-heavy stuff like Baccano! and Vamp! (although it has been an entire month since I finished Vamp! III...). Kind of like interludes between tougher series.

Anyway, I recently got a hold of Kino's Journey 16, Baccano! 18, and all six volumes of Lillia and Treize. I'm scheduled to receive Allison sometime this week if things go according to plan, so hopefully I can get started on Vamp! IV and Allison once my assignment schedules eases up mid-October.

Announcements aside, this story from Kino's Journey 16 is one of my new favorite stories in the series. Stay tuned for the Epilogue!


Prologue: Land of Love Letters - b
~Confession - b~


It was around the time when the population of the town of Forsily had grown by one.

Two travelers and a dog were in a concert hall.

They were at a concert featuring the most famous singer in the country.

They were at the biggest amphitheater in the country.

The seats were packed. Passionate cheers filled the hall.

The two people and the dog were travelers who had just recently entered the country.

They were there thanks to the fact that the songstress had instructed, “All travelers are invited, free of charge.”

“Lucky travelers...”

“I’m so envious...”

The people of the country looked on jealously as the two people and the dog were invited to sit in very expensive seats, alongside other travelers.

The male traveler sitting next to them was weeping at the performance, moved by the song.

His tears streamed endlessly down his face.

The dog wondered why the man was crying so much, but,

“...Why am I crying...?”

The man himself seemed to be unable to understand. So the dog gave up.

The concert continued.

The songstress sang on the massive stage.

Her beautiful face shone like a flower in bloom.

She wore a stunning outfit.

She sang a cheerful song.

One of the travelers looking on at the performance--a girl with white hair--tilted her head.

She turned to another traveler.

“That person looks sad for some reason. It’s such a happy song, but she looks sad. And she looks happy. Why is that?”

The other traveler had no answer to give.

The songstress continued.

The title of the song was 'Love Letters'.

“I’m always loved by you, the one I love the most,” she sang.

It was a love song.





  1. Thank you for your translations :) I wonder why this piece wasn't narrated by Riku. And I wonder why the singer is both sad and happy singing such a heartwarming love song. Can't wait for the epilogue!

  2. Thanks for the translation, I'm excited to read the epilogue! :D