Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Vamp! II - Prologue A

(Download the updated version in PDF/epub format here.)

I was originally going to put all the prologues together, but Prologue B turned out to be a lot longer than I expected. So here's part A. Enjoy!


Prologue A - The Midsummer Watermelon and the Midwinter Alraune



It thought to itself, seeing the red fluid falling from overhead.

At that very moment, it came to realize its own self-awareness.

It had come to understand its own existence.

But the moment the red liquid touched its body, its mind was overridden in an instant.

It was covered in the stench of blood.

In the end, its time as the ‘original’--the state of being purely itself--lasted approximately a single second. The time it took for it to see the falling blood and feel it covering itself.

Sometimes, it accepted its ever-changing self. Other times, it questioned it.

Not knowing which was closer to its true intention, the newborn vampire quietly began its metamorphosis--in both form and heart.


Centuries before ‘it’ had been covered with blood.

It was in an entirely different place that a very similar being was going through the same physical experience.

Drip. Drip.

But this was not the most accurate way to describe the scene.

Sometimes it came like rain. Other times, it was as though red liquid was being poured upon her by the bucketful, along with the stench of iron.

Yet she quietly accepted her place.

Having neither a sense of self nor a conscious sense of memory, she spent her days doing nothing but accepting the world before her.

The red rain was irregular, but continued to fall as though in a routine.

This was because she was rooted underneath a guillotine.

She had only just been born when the gallows overhead had been replaced by the beheading mechanism.

The humans kept their eyes trained only upon the criminal to be executed. None turned their gaze down to the ground, where she stood alongside the rolling heads.

A single man noticed her presence. The executioner, who had been for a long time chopping the heads of the criminals, looked at her. There was a complicated emotion in his eyes, a strange mix of sympathy and envy.

But at first, she did not understand this.

This was because, up to a certain point, she had no self-awareness.

Her life was coming to an end, and she had just been preparing to connect her life to the next generation.

One criminal in particular was being beheaded. His head flew off, showering her in strangely bright and radiant blood.

The crowd that had gathered to watch screamed in unison as they shuddered.

The headless criminal suddenly took to his feet, took hold of his own head, and scattered into a flock of countless bats--flying off into the distance, out of the executioner’s reach.

The sight, though incredible, had once more drawn the crowd’s attention away from her--the one who had lived thus far covered in blood.

This was the moment when she had been ‘born’ into a different existence entirely.


The two vampires were born at completely different times, at completely different places.

Eventually, they would go on to meet in a place foreign to either of them.

The two vampires, who normally would have rotted away in the lands of their respective birth, finally encountered one another--in a majestic castle across the sea, surrounded by peaceful streets.


Prologue B.



  1. It's a great translation, but shouldn't the title be "The Midsummer Watermelon and the Midwinter Alraune", not "Alarune"?

  2. thanks for another great up date