Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Vamp! II - Preview

What is the goal of the Eater who has come to the festival?

[It has been a long time, my dear friends! Still avid readers of literature, I presume? If you are a true book-lover, then I shall humbly suggest that you properly purchase your books instead of borrowing them.]

[Ah, my apologies. Let us set aside matters of the material world. Instead, allow me to introduce to you an annual festival that takes place on this island.]

[It is a carnival held in honor of Growerth’s proudest son, the artist Carnald Strassburg! Once every year the island receives visitors of all sorts, each with their own distinctive hopes. From the vows of lovers to the hopes of peace in the family, to the clearing of one’s past and one’s dreams for the future. Guests welcome and unbidden alike participate in this festival, so I ask that you also enjoy it a hundred and twenty percent!]

[After all, the world belongs to humans like you--at least until the sun sinks into the distant horizon in the west.]

Vamp! Volume II, coming soon!


  1. Strassburg..?
    I think I've read his name somewhere in Whitesmile..hmm?

    also, hoorey for Vamp II!

    1. yeah, he was the one that designed the Dormentaire's floating fortress ^_^
      also he is referenced in relation to Growerth when Lucrezia's talking about sewer systems

  2. In Durarara!!, Walter gives trouble to a gallery art by revealing that the "original" Strassburg they tried to sell for an expensive price was in truth a cheap copy (it was a hoax by the gallery to get money). It was not the first time he did that.

  3. Vamp II coming to an Untuned near me? Score!

  4. thanks for the preview. I can't wait to read this book