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Vamp! II - Colour Pages

(Download the updated version in PDF/epub format here.)

Let's start off the second volume of Vamp! This is the first book in a two-part story, divided into the 'Day Side' and the 'Night Side', kind of like the two parts of Baccano 1933.

By the way, there was a character from the first volume whose true form wasn't revealed in the story. If you'd like a bit of fun, try and figure out what they actually look like before you start reading this volume. The answer's in volume 1, and it's surprisingly easy to find.

I'll also be making a PDF at the end of this volume.



[Humans, at times, beget legends.]

[I speak of the fact that they incorporate emotions, dreams, and romance to the fact--or fabrication--known as history in order to create all sorts of mythologies.]

[In one sense, we vampires are also one among such legends. But we do indeed exist in this world, and these legends have become excellent masks that cloak our presence. At the same time, there emerged some who have begun to obsess over the characteristics of vampires from human myth.]

[However... though my daughter may attempt to behave much like a mythical vampire, I can guarantee you that she has never once sucked the blood of a human. ...Perhaps she is afraid, deep down, that the act of drinking blood will exile her from humanity permanently. I personally do not feel this way, but there are still many vampires who would agree with her line of thinking.]

[Is it not most unfortunate for this line of thought, then, that the one who treats Ferret with reverence befitting a vampire among vampires is a young man named Mihail, who possesses no superhuman power to speak of? Of course, I constantly pray that he will one day be able to save my daughter from her uncertainty.]

[I expect great things of Young Mihail... Or, rather... I suppose it would be most apt to say that I am constantly astounded by this young man. Though he is little more than a human, he is the kind of being who is capable of exerting the potential of humanity to its fullest. Sometimes, that power of his even surpasses the abilities of us vampires, drawing us towards him. Although this magnetic ability of his is useless among humans, it is a potent skill against us supernatural creatures.]

[Has my daughter realized yet, I wonder? Even if she has yet to do so, I hope that someday, she will come to see the truth--that despite her unparalleled misgivings about his abilities, she is also unparalleled in her gravitation towards him.]

[This power of Mihail’s, more commonly known as ‘charm’.]


[Though we are called vampires, not all of us take human form. There are some with the appearances of cats or dogs, or even forms that cannot be processed by the human mind. It is merely that those with humanlike features are much easier to become subjects of human curiosity. Those that have no form, on the other hand, are often taken to be demons or paranormal creatures, or are worshipped as gods.]

[Now, allow me to introduce to you a pair of unusual vampires that have been transfigured from plants. I consider them both dearest members of my family, and both reside within my castle.]

[One is called Valdred Ivanhoe. Having originally been a watermelon, I am not entirely sure which pronoun to use, or if I should call this friend a child or an elder. Valdred is still very young, but the watermelon’s mind and memories are still deeply etched into that soul. Valdred’s soul, you see, conforms to these memories to project the forms of men, women, children, elders, or even non-sentient objects onto the eyes of other creatures. Yes. This former watermelon, following these memories, chose to take human shape in the hopes of an easier life.]

[Even if these memories had been administered, not acquired.]

[The other is Miss Selim Vergès, who had metamorphosed from a beautiful, determined flower growing in the streets. She has the form of a lovely young lady, but at the same time she has the almost symbolic form of a plant. Some humans called her ‘malformed’, but how can this be, when her form bears the perfect features of both humans and plants?]

[The greatest similarity between these two vampires is the fact that, after their incredible transfigurations, they chose to live alongside us. Despite knowing that they were, in a sense, outcasts from the worlds of humans and plants.]

[Have they evolved from planthood, or are they merely freak mutations? Or perhaps they have regressed in defiance of nature? That, my friends, up to you to decide.]

[After all, the labels of ‘evolution’ and ‘regression’ are ultimately little but the subjective judgements of a third party.]


[Though this island of Growerth bears a deep and rich history, I cannot say the same for its history of contact with the mainland. In other words, Growerth has had very little influence on the history of the world, at least outwardly speaking. This is, of course, partly due to the fact that my predecessor and I had both done everything in our power to keep this island out of the spotlight, so to speak.]

[But there was one exception in particular.]

[His name was Carnald Strassburg.]

[The only person from this island who had left his mark on the outside world.]

[Serving under my predecessor, he was at once an artist, a tactician, a loyal retainer and a traitor, a musician and a warrior, and an inventor and a destroyer. Truly an entertainer of many faces.]

[...However, I have also personally borne witness to a face of his that he would never show to the human world.]

[This man was simultaneously an Eater, a first-rate Hunter, and also... a collector of vampires.]

[Just as the term implies, he created a collection of vampires. On occasion, instead of eating a vampire, he would bring them to this island as food for his art--or, as others might call it, as his inspiration. He made great efforts to bring harmony to the relationships between humans and vampires, perhaps in order to strike a balance with his actions as a Hunter and Eater. In any event, not even I had the chance to look upon each and every one of his faces. Only my predecessor could tell you much more.]

[Very few on this island remember this man for his hidden talents, but his face as an artist is nonetheless enough for them to celebrate as a symbol of their own history. This is why we are once more hosting this marvelous festival in his honor.]

[But his hidden accomplishments are things to be proud of in their own right. Without him, this peaceful coexistence of humans and vampires could not have been possible.]

[And naturally, without such a man we could not have Eaters or a petty half-man half-vampire so freely roaming the island as they do today.]


[Now, allow me to finally discuss the main subject of my musings.]

[The tale I wish to convey to you today, my dear friends, is the story of a certain Eater’s quest for vengeance.]

[It is a lengthy time by human standards, yet only the blink of an eye for being such as myself. The flames of this Eater’s outrage conglomerated and compressed itself to the utmost limits of possibility within his heart. At first these flames were minuscule--so frail that they might have been extinguished with ease by the storm of terror created by his nemesis. But in time, his fire was granted the fuel of power. And soon it grew out of control, as though it might destroy the world entirely--burning completely unrelated vampires within the flames inside himself.]

[It is often said that vengeance only gives birth to yet more vengeance. Even nemeses have family and friends, who will eventually look upon you as their own nemesis. ...Although it seems to me that this particular Eater cares not for such things.]

[Vengeance, after all, is only a natural reaction to tragedy, intended to bring closure to the avenger’s heart. Claims such as ‘the dead will not be happy with vengeance’ or ‘vengeance only begets violence’ will do nothing to stop a man’s quest for revenge. Such words are not sufficient justifications to convince him otherwise. Vengeance, in other words, is an act of war--the act of devastating an enemy, reaping the profit known as ‘peace of mind’.]

[But even before his vengeance was complete, this man had slaughtered far too many vampires.]

[This is the personal and terribly lonesome story of two Eaters and their quest for revenge. The conflicts within their hearts, however, are constantly reaching out to the world outside in search of answers.]

[But no matter how deep the wounds of their hearts, and no matter how painful their pasts, from the perspective of us vampires, there is but one simple way to react to this tale.]

[Before battle, we shall not flee.]



Prologue A.



  1. thanks for the up date man. Can't wait to read this one

  2. Thanks so so so much for translating this! And oh, a character whose true form wasn't revealed? Looks I got some re-reading to do.

    1. Well...
      Mihail once said that his true form is delicious. So...

    2. Valdred, the shapeshifting watermelon. BTW was Selim introduced in the first volume? I don't seem to remember her.

  3. I don't really have the time to read through Vamp I again. But if I had to guess is the character you're referring to the shapeshifter? That just seems like the most obvious choice for someone with a hidden true form and if I remember correctly didn't Mihail see it?

    1. Didnt it appear in the picture that Mihail took with his phone

  4. Untuned is probably talking about the Magic Man or the Mayor I think