Saturday, 19 November 2011

Baccano! 2002 [B Side] - Blood Sabbath - Interlude Two

Yet another short update.




'The second night of the cruise.

In the end, the continuation of my journal entry is about what happened last night.

I talked to Hiroko on the phone just now.

It was more nerve-wracking than I'd expected. I almost felt like back when we'd first started going out. This time, of course, it's not so much happiness as it is anxiety.

But when I talked to her, I actually felt a lot better.

This is fine.

I just can't wait to call her again in 24 hours.

I really feel like a middle schooler again. They say that travelling makes you bold, and maybe they're right--being in a place like this by myself, I feel like I've gone back to being a kid again.

24 hours left… It'll be a pain to calculate the time difference, so I won't adjust my watch.

In any event, yesterday was just full of surprises.

It was the first night. I went to see that young magician's show.

(I completely forgot to tell Hiroko about it. I'll mention it to her next time I call.)

I don't know how to explain it, but it was an amazing performance.

Hats came out from under doves' wings, and he guessed all the right cards, too.

It was terrific, but I don't know how to describe it.

I was especially shocked because the magician was a kid about ten years younger than me.

And the foreign beauty (the one I saw before getting on the ship) looked even more glamorous under the stage lights.

One of the audience members was just filming her with his camcorder, even though someone who looked to be his wife was sitting right there beside him. That's just wrong. I would never do anything like that if Hiroko were there.

In any case, I spent all day today (the second day of the cruise) exploring the ship. I didn't say anything to Hiroko, but something feels really off.

Is it just my imagination? I thought I saw a lot of people wearing red and black.

Yesterday everyone was still in suits and dresses, but today I've started noticing people in plain clothes.

I think I've seen a lot of people wearing these weird, red-and-black marble-patterned outfits. Maybe they're handing out promotional jackets or something for a movie, but it was strange to see people wearing hats with that pattern.

It was a really creepy design. Maybe it's supposed to be some kind of superstitious marking?

Maybe I'm just being paranoid. After all, even little kids were wearing that pattern. If I think about it that way, the guy in the tribal mask and outfit is much more suspicious.

'Course, his mask is a different colour today. He's probably some celebrity I've never heard about.

Anyway, this cruise so far has been great. The service is so great I feel like I've been reborn as a president.

After I call Hiroko in 24 hours, I'll call Japan. I'll make sure to thank the cameraman who gave me this chance. Although I'm pretty sure I'll just end up raving about the cruise.

I hear voices singing from somewhere. It almost feels like angels are blessing me.

Then again, it sounds more like a prayer than a song. It's in a language I don't recognize, but I guess someone's getting married on the ship or something.

It reminds me of our wedding. I can't wait to hear Hiroko's voice again.

Misao, the second night of the cruise.'


Continued in Chapter 6.


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