Monday, 24 October 2011

Baccano! 2002 [A Side] - Bullet Garden - Interlude 3+Extra Chapter A

With this, 2002 A Side is complete! Watch out for B Side, which might be starting in the upcoming weeks.




"…No… what is this…? What is all this…? The lifeboats exploded… what's going on?!


H-hello?! Hello?! Misao?!"

[H-Hiroko! Is that you, Hiroko?! I'm so glad… I finally got through to you…]

"M-Misao! L-listen to me! The ship! This ship! It's--"

[You have to listen to me, Hiroko.]

"No, now's not the time--"



[Sorry I yelled at you… But you have to listen to me. You have to get off that ship right now.]

"Wh-what… why… how… how do you know what's going on here?!"


"Hello…? Misao? Misao?! What was that sound…? An explosion?"

[Damn, dammit! This side is done for! I don't know if your ship's safe or not. The bastards might be on your ship too! But you have to escapethere'snototherwayyouhavetoescape--getawaygetawaygetoutoftherenow!]

"Calm down… calm down, Misao!!!"

[It's not tomorrow night--the ship's faster over there--dammit! They turned on the speakers! I can't turn it off! Shit! This ship's finished! Those monsters! The monsters! What the hell is going on?! Dammit! (Fear death, fear death fear life, fear life the body shall accept death the heart shall desire death yet the exalted ram persists in life)]

"What's going on?! What's happening over there?! What's that sound I hear in the background?!"

[Those crazies are broadcasting something over the speakers! But that doesn't matter right now! Listen to me! This ship! This ship is going to collide with your ship tomorrow evening! The bastards are dead-set on crashing it, dammit!]


[I don't know what'll happen to me, but please let me just say this, Hiroko. I…--Argh, what is this?! Bastards! Shit! Get away, Hiroko! You have to get off that--]

"Misao…? Misao?!"

[                                           (Calm the soul to be devoured worship death our god…)]

"Misao! Misao!!!!!!! No… Wh-what is going on here?! No… no… NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


To be continued in Baccano! 2002 [B Side].



Extra Chapter A


In the midst of the chaos.

Watching the frenzy, the shadowed figure began to write a song into the cell phone's note function.


My name is Copycat.
I'm just a simple imitator.
I'm just a lowly criminal.

Now, let's repeat, repeat.
Let's repeat that incident.
The bullet garden is ready.
Soon this place will be covered in gunsmoke.
Let's open a bloody sabbath.
The live sacrifice is ready.
And it will be here soon.
Soon, it will pierce this place.

Let's turn two ships into one.
Let's stir despair into the ocean.

My name is Copycat.
I'm just a simple imitator.
I'm just a lowly criminal.
What I have to copy isn't an individual.
What I have to duplicate isn't an action.
What I have to replicate is malice and coincidence.
If I replicate coincidence, will I become something?
Will I become a replica of god?
If I'm god, let's create a world.
Let's recreate, recreate.
Let's recreate a world.
Let's recreate the transcontinental (the world).
Let's recreate a closed world.
But this time, there's no hope in this place.
There's no hope in the bullet garden (the ship).
The players in the role of hope (Isaac&Miria) can't catch up this time.
We've never met, but this time, they're not on board.
Now, let's recreate, recreate.
Let's recreate only the despair.
If it succeeds, let's clap quietly.
All for them, all for them.
A mocking applause, all for them.

Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap



  1. as always thank you very much for your translations!!^_^
    yay! I can finally read this!!
    I love this!

  2. Thanks for the translation!!
    Dang that cult is creeeeepy----

  3. Thank you so much for translating!

  4. Thanks!
    Will the B Side be about Huey?

  5. You know, I think I need to re-read all of Baccano now because I keep finding things i've missed. Like say, this entire song or poem by the Copycat. Until recently I always considered the Copycat to be a complete mystery but it seems I missed a lot of information on him. Just in this song we learn a lot about him and I particularly like the lines " If it succeeds, let's clap quietly. All for them, all for them. A mocking applause, all for them." It just really fits his theme as an audience member.