Monday, 1 June 2020

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Etsusa Bridge series
Garuguru! -Dancing Beast Night- (Part 2) 101p/386p
Interlude 4(Part 2) (January 11)
Chapter 4 (January 28)

Lillia and Treize
Volume II(Part 1) Complete!
Chapter 3 (January 9)
Chapter 4 (January 17)

Volume II(Part 2) In progress

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Garuguru! -Dancing Beast Night- (Part 2): Chapter 4

Sorry this update took so long. Real life steamrolled me for a week and a half, and I was seriously considering going on hiatus. But I should be back to a normal schedule now.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Garuguru! -Dancing Beast Night- (Part 2): Interlude 4(Part 2)

“It looks like things are taking a turn for the annoying here. Explosions going off one after another, execs from every organization dying off one after another, a pair of dogs coming back to the island, a pack of ratlings stirring in the shadows, and the cat getting toyed with like no tomorrow.

Add to that the crazy inter-district relationships just before the explosions. What is going on here?

Is it the end times for the island, or is it— …Then again, that doesn’t really matter.

Whether the island burns or dissolves or the people die en masse, it’s no big deal.

Because that’s what this island is.

So before we discuss the island’s future, let’s talk about the ending of this dance—where the ghoul and the girl dance together without even looking at each other. Shall we, friends?”

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Garuguru! -Dancing Beast Night- (Part 1): Chapter 3

The last update for Garuguru! part 1 will be up sometime in the next few days. Then it's straight into Garuguru! part 2.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Lillia and Treize II(Part 1): The Longest Day in Ikstova - Chapter 1

I messed up. The last two books in Allison were labeled 'Allison III(Part 1)' and 'Allison III(Part 2)' so I naturally assumed that was the case for the Lillia and Treize books, but this time each book gets a new number, instead of each arc. I'm really sorry. I'll stick with my current titling scheme because otherwise there's a lot of things I'd have to go back and change.

Anyway, here's the second arc of Lillia and Treize, which as the title suggests takes place back in Ikstova. And appropriately enough, it also happens to take place at the very end of the year. This book also brings Strauski Megmica into the main story(albeit in a minor role), so if you haven't yet read the extra chapter featuring her, you know what to do.

In this update you will find a simplified map on the same page as the table of contents, which you might want to come back to later for reference. The map is by no means necessary, but it's a great tool for visualizing the events that take place in this book and the next.

FYI, this arc does get very gory at times. Tread lightly if blood isn't your thing.